Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Ash Heating Systems agrees to carry out the works specified on the written quote that has been given to the customer. If no written quote has been given then the works are as specified in the verbal quote.
  • 2. This contract is deemed to be the whole of the contract and no verbal representations not recorded in this contract shall form part of the contract. Any variations or amendments to the contract shall be by way of a supplementary document putting in writing the terms of the variations.
  • 3. If the customer shall request additional work to be carried out by the contractor, then the price stated in the quote shall not apply. On request, Ash heating Systems will supply a new written quotation in relation to the additional costs.
  • 4. Ash Heating Systems shall carry out all works to a high standard of workmanship and with reasonable expedition.
  • 5. Where an indication has been given for the time to be taken for the completion of the works that has been agreed between the parties this shall be an indication only and time shall not be of the essence of the contract.
  • 6. The quote provided is based on the price of raw materials at the time of the quote been given. If the price of such raw materials to us shall increase then we will be entitled to increase the element of the quote relating to materials by the same amount but the customer will be informed of the increase.
  • 7. When materials are purchased from a supplier and used by us, we shall agree to co-operate with the customer in relation to any defects with such materials and in relation to seeking redress from the supplier and the customer shall agree to allow reasonable inspection and co-operate with the plumber in relation to the replacement and rectification thereof.
  • 8. Payment of the price stated for the works all materials specified in the quote shall be made at the completion of the works by clear funds cheque, bacs, paypal (PLUS £1.50 CHARGE) or by cash unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.
  • 9. In addition we shall be entitled to seek interim payments for materials and work during the course of carrying out the works and prior to the purchase of any materials. The agreements for interim payments (also known as payments on account) shall be as follows:
    • a. - If an interim payment is requested by us but is not paid by the customer then we shall be entitled to desist from further work being carried out until such payment has been made. All monies due and owing up to the time of cessation of work shall be owed by the customer. It is a specific term of this contract that any interim payments where agreed and appropriate shall be made within 48 hours of request by Ash Heating Systems.
  • 10. By signing the terms and conditions of this contract the customer hereby agrees that they are the owner of the premises where the work is to be carried out and therefore grant access for the work to be carried out and to Ash Heating Systems employees and sub-contractors. The customer agrees that the customer shall be personally liable to pay the contract price and interim payments due under this agreement without recourse to any further party.
  • 11. No third party contract rights are acquired by this agreement.
  • 12. Any materials supplied by us shall remain in the ownership of the Ash Heating Systems until such time as they are paid for in full and the title shall be retained by the plumber until such payment is made.
  • 13. Interest shall be chargeable at the discretion of Ash Heating Systems on an amount overdue by 28 days at 5% above the Bank of England standard lending rate.
  • 14. If at any stage during the course of the contract (i.e. from the time of the order being placed to the time of the conclusion of the contract) any materials supplied or goods of whatsoever nature and kind and delivered to the customer’s address for the purposes of carrying out the terms of the contract (such as building materials, etc.) these shall be stored at the customer’s own risk and if damaged, lost or stolen the customer shall be responsible to replace the same at their own cost and Ash Heating Systems shall not be liable to do so (even if originally ordered by us).
  • Special and Additional Conditions

    • 1. Under no circumstances shall Ash Heating Systems be liable for any damage or loss caused as a result of existing defects to the property that has been worked on or any of the fixtures, fittings or equipment that has been worked on.
    • 2. Should any delay in completing the job be due to the customer not allowing, facilitating or otherwise inhibiting the completion of the task then we shall be entitled to make an extra charge as a result.

    If, after a quote has been given for work to be done and the contract signed, it becomes apparent that additional work and more expensive materials are needed in order to complete the task which were unforeseen at the time of the original quote, then we shall be entitled to make an additional charge for these (by way of an example: the replacement of rotten floorboards or pipes and fittings due to leaking conditions).